Equity Elevator & Trading Company has been 'riding the wave' of the ever-so-changing world of agriculture for 102 years. Over these past 100+ years our grain department has been here to help you get the most out of your grain, whether it’s in the handling of your grain, partnering in marketing the product with you, or storing it at the elevator. We are here year round to provide the best customer service and support to our long-standing patrons and new patrons alike. Our grain department will strive to give you the best marketing information we can to help you with marketing needs.

The Grain Services department at EET offers grain marketing and merchandising services in the following areas...

Corn Drying

Grain Storage

Grain Bank

Farm-Direct Brokerage

As always the employees of EET thank you for your business and support, and look forward to providing top notch service to you in the future!